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What's Included:

7 Days of Preparation:

  • 7 days of videos & content to prep the body & mind, clean out the pantry, and cover the info you need to start off strong

A Full Library of Resources and Tools Including: 

  • A Simple Weekly Meal Plan & Shopping List

  • Daily Video Workouts

  • An E-Recipe Book

  • Foods to Avoid/Inflammatory Foods

  • Ali Fitness Food Pyramid

  • Ali Fitness Food Spectrum

  • Ali Fitness Approved at a Glance Food List

  • Ali Fitness Fitness Pyramid

Individual Personalized Coaching: 

  • A personalized health assessment
  • One-on-one coaching, dietary help & feedback throughout your entire 8 week journey

How does it work? 

You'll start with 7 Preparation Days 

Where you'll start with the following:

  • If you wish, download My Fitness Pal to track your daily macro-nutrient intake. 

  • Watch the introduction Lesson videos (one everyday for the 7 Days of Preparation) and download your educational resources in your Lesson.

  • Check your daily email (or here in the course) for your Invitation to Action and take action!

  • Become familiar with all your downloadable resources.

Then move onto the remaining 21 days of a Healthy Lifestyle Regimen

Where everyday you'll:

  • Log in to your course and click on the day (e.g. Day 1) and review your tasks

  • Complete your daily Lesson

  • Complete your Invitation to Action

  • Complete your daily Workout and Breathing Exercise

  • Reach out to your coach with any questions or needs you may have
  • Receive personalized feedback, including on your results, along your entire 28 Day journey

Once you've completed the 28 DAY TRANSFORMATION, you'll be well on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

You may go back in at any time to review & use your resources!